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Wellie Boots Fetish?

Oct. 3rd, 2010 | 04:59 pm
mood: naughty naughty

Hunter Festival lace-up Wellington bootsI was like OMG! I know people have shoe fetishes and foot fetishes, but rainwear fetishes?

Stumbled across a site by accident *eek* but than saw these boots. I don't care if they're a bit...um, you know...they're beautiful.

I could seriously see myself wearing these on a night out to the rock and metal bars.

Struggled to find these online though. It seems like most stores are scared to stock them, but found a brilliant little website for cheap hunter wellies and eventually found what I was looking for.

But can I justify spending $100 on wellies?

love & sparkles

Getting Web Savvy

Jun. 4th, 2010 | 10:32 am
music: Florence

Since starting my new job with a web agency, I've been getting much more web savvy thanks to the guys I chat to on my lunchbreak. I still don't know what they're talking about a lot of the time, but thank goodness I'm just the receptionist. All I have to do is look good and answer the phone :)

I've put together a photo album of my favourite shoes starting with my collection of fit flops.
You can check it out here.
Image hosted by Webshots.com
by fitflops
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Quiet Weekend

Oct. 19th, 2009 | 11:33 am
music: Green Day "Time of Your Life"

Darren went to Nottingham for a lads weekend. God knows what they got up to and part of me really doesn't want to know. But I know I can trust my boy. I just hate it when he texts me to let me know what a great time he's having.

So while he's blowing all his money on beer, clubbing and kebabs I'm on my lonesome this weekend.

I was thinking of him a lot, so I decided to watch some Firefly that he keeps going on about.
When he said 'wild west in space' it sounded dreadful, but the series has really grown on me. Cute guys to watch, strong female characters and lots of action!

Darren has the film Serenity as well. Now it's getting cold, I should plan a night in with dinner and a movie.

Sunny Saturday and Sunday

Mar. 31st, 2009 | 10:44 am

Darren has been away with the boys for the weekend. So to take my mind of worrying whether he's been left to drown in a pool of his own vomit, I decided to go shopping with Mum on Saturday, then down to Southend with the parental unit on Sunday.

So me and Mum had a look around Lakeside and Bluewater, bought a few bits, including some birkenstock shoes and even a pair of shorts for Darren when he gets home from Nottingham. I'm determined to make him dress properly for summer this year instead of sitting there and sweating in his thick jeans and trainers. My and Mum went to the Wimpy for lunch, which reminded me of when I was a little girl and there were Wimpys everywhere. We used to go in Wimpy all the time. Had a good chat with Mum about various things.

Sunday was really relaxed with a walk along the sea front, fish and chips under the arches and a quick go on the dodgems.

I wanted to see Darren on Monday, but he was dead after this wild weekend because he'd got hardly any sleep. I do worry about him sometimes.

Crocs shoes, lookit my colourful Crocs!

Mar. 23rd, 2009 | 02:24 pm
mood: amused amused

I've been really happy with my Crocs shoes. I bought them for when we go to the beach, but these Crocs are so comfortable I've been wearing them around the house and even in the office while I'm at work. While my boyfriend makes fun of me wearing Crocs, they're for me, not him.

What makes Crocs sandals so good? It's because they're light and comfortable. In fact, after a while you don't even feel them on your feet because they're so airy. They feel like walking barefoot most of the time and even though they're plastic, they feel very soft. I was a bit worried my Crocs sandals would be sweaty from wearing plastic shoes, but this isn't the case thankfully.

I bought myself a pair of the Crocs Cayman because they're colourful and cluinky. Got the Crocs Baya for the boyfriend, but he wasn't fussed with them. I sent them back and got another pair of Crocs Cayman in another colour for me. So it's his loss. He can burn his feet when we go on holiday.

Summer is here!

Mar. 19th, 2009 | 02:43 pm
mood: sparkly

It's warm, it's sunny and I wonder where all the snow went! Okay, it's not summer yet, it's still spring, but it's getting there. And that means Bex needs to go shopping for more shoes. Poor Darren, he does despair with me. But my feet are starting to get hot, so it's the perfect excuse to go and get me some new sandals.

My sandals from last summer got wrecked from all the walking about I was doing. I have my Fit Flops, but good god they're chunky! I've actually been using them as a door stop cos they're that thick. So I think I need something a little lighter, more stylish and preferably pink.

Stay tooned while I go hunt for the best sandals.
Dun dun dun dun daaa!

Love & Sparkles

fit flops get fit mission

Feb. 9th, 2009 | 01:44 pm
mood: mischievous mischievous

Time to get fit! So Bex has bought some fit flops that she's gonna were on the walk to work, while roaming about the office and generally anywhere she goes. Fit Flops are these fashionable looking sandals that are soft and squishy underneth, but make you wobble a bit when you walk, so it works your leg and bum muscles that bit more, giving you a toned look and less flab. At least that's the plan behind wearing Fit Flops.

Lots of well shaped celebs wear them, so I thought I'd beter give these Flit Flop things a go. I've been wearing Fit Flops for a couple of days now and I haven't so much seen a difference as felt a difference. Flabby certainly feel tighter, but time will tell before I lose any weight or wobbly bits around my bum. Stay tuned for more news on my fitness mission with a pair of Fit Flops.

Love & Sparkles

Flat Hunting

Jan. 14th, 2009 | 01:47 pm
mood: scared scared
music: Pendulum

It's scary stuff, but Bex has been flat hunting. I've gotten all my savings together, applied for a mortgage and even applied for an equity loan. It's all been approved (are they mad?) and I've been looking at a couple of little places in my area.

I wish it was as simple as getting a mortgage and equity loan and that was tough enough. Eeek! But on top of that you've got maintenance fees, leeses that need extending, solicitors fees and all sorts of horrible extra costs jumping out of the woodwork. What is a girl to do when she's moving in on her own? What's anyone to do! Much as I think the world of Darren, he can't afford to move in with me. So it's gonna be Bex's Palace of pinkness all on her own. Maybe I can charge him rent? That could work you know.

So after a few stressful days, I've got 3 flats on my list. One is expensive, one is okay and one is cheaper. Me being me, I like the expensive one. It's in a nice area, got plenty of parking and it's pretty much ready for me to move right in. The second one is big, but an old lady used to live there, so it needs redecorating, but otherwise it's all good. Got plenty of parking, power shower, kitching, storage and biiiig living room. Not sure about the pink carpets though. I might love pink, but it's a bit much for 'normal' people coming into the place. Last one is nice, big, reasonably cheap, ok parking, but the area doesn't seem so nice.

I have another one to look at that's just come on to the market. So I'll look at that and probably make my mind up this weekend. It's exciting, but scary at the same time. I'm gonna be poor, but I'm gonna have my own place! Decisions, decisions...


Love & Sparkles



Apres Ski Boots for when I go skiing

Jan. 8th, 2009 | 01:28 pm
mood: excited excited
music: Duffy

Great news! My boyfriend is taking me on my first ever skiing holiday. So I’ve been out shopping for a ski jacket, hat, proper ski trousers, scarf and gloves. He’s been really sweet taking me for skiing lessons at the Milton Keynes snow dome. He even got me a snood (I think that’s what he called it). It’s like this round scarf thing that goes round your neck and just stays there. You can pull it up to over your face when it’s really cold. It’s so snug and warm. Bless him. I’ve been wearing it to work lately cos it’s so cold.

Naturally, being the great Bex, everything I bought had to be pink. Well, mostly pink. Some things they just don’t make in pink. But the glass in my ski goggles is pink!

I’m not going to buy my own skis and ski boots. Apparently you just hire them when you get there, so it doesn’t matter if you smash them up, because you’re insured. Oh and the French don’t care if you do, because everyone pays the insurance fees, so they’ve got loads of money they don’t use anyway. Nice.

It’s going to be brilliant going away on holiday with Darren. Now I can go get drunk with him and make him dance! There’s lots of bars and clubs and the whole ‘apres ski scene’ he keeps going on about, which seems to involve drinking, eating, partying and more drinking. It’s all very trendy he says, so you need to know snowboarding lingo. Well, I don’t snowboard, because skiing is tough enough for a girl like me. I’m only little, so if I fell over on a snowboard, I think I’d hit the ground and just burst. There’d be blood everywhere. Not nice. Skis aren’t so bad. I fell over quite a lot when I was having lessons last week, but it definitely didn’t hurt as much as the people on snowboards I saw falling over.

So yeh, the whole trendy scene sounds like an excuse to dress up if you ask me. So, I think it’s the perfect excuse for me to go shopping for apres ski boots. Hee hee. Darren was moaning about pretty girls hanging around the bars and cafes just drinking hot chocolate all day long and watching people ski. But to be honest, I wouldn’t mind a bit of that. Then he can go off with his snowboard mates, fall over and hurt himself. I think I’m going to be knackered by the end of the first day. He thinks I’ll make it to the end of the week! Maybe I can get him to carry my skis for me?

I got my boots in the post this morning. They're lovely, warm and fluffy!

Shoes! pretty shoes, girly shoes and shoes galore. I like shoes ^_^

Dec. 1st, 2008 | 02:09 pm
location: at work
mood: in the mood for shoes!
music: Britney Spears -Womanizer

I know I always talk about shoes in the communities, but shoes are really special to me. They're more than just something to look good with your outfit. When you put on a pair of shoes, it's like you're putting on a disguise or a costume and you become that character. Maybe I'm just nuts? Well anyways, you put on a pair of red high heel shoes and BAM! you're the sexy mistress and any man is yours. well a girl can try. Put on some sensible office shoes and you're ready for work and being sensible and all yes sir, I will file that for you SIR! Then, when I put on my comfortable shoes, I'm me. I don't care what you say and I'm relaxed.

See what I mean? Shoes are like a character you step into. I think that's why so many people obsess with what Angelina Jolie and other celebs are wearing day in day out. Cos they want to step into their shoes and be them. Well, I know I'll always just be Bex, but it'd be nice to be a tall, sexy supermodel. That's why I adore my red high heel shoes and red dress and anything red. Or just pretty and pink.

Talking on people who dress well, I been watching Shoegalfi's blog for a while now. She has such pretty outfits and such pretty shoes. I don't know how she affords it all. So when she started saying how good onshoes.com was for shoes, I had to go take a look. Ok, they don't have the biggest selection, but they've got lots of nice shoes that the bigger shoe shops don't have. Best of all, they don't give me a bargain, then charge me the earth for postage (grr-Barrats!). Their postage is free and it's fast.

So yeh, been looking at their sugar shoes. Some very pretty boots. Quite girly, but I like girly, so what the hey. Might go for some casual DC trainers like my Bfriend too. Come on pay day. I need the money.

Love & Sparkles